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Visiting Magenta Part 1

This is going to be a bumper week for you, since (if I stick to what I’m planning to write) there’ll be three posts; two about my week away, and one about my weekend. Enjoy! 

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or have trawled the archives extensively, you’ll remember my friend Magenta who lives in the popular European capital of Berlin. (Have I just sacrificed my anonymity?). I hadn’t seen her in an eternity and, with some expected time off uni, I found some reasonably priced flights in November and went to visit her for the last week of January. What a week! 

My flight out was delayed so she picked me up at the airport; we went by hers to drop some stuff off and for me to shower and change, before heading out to a club called House of Shame. You can imagine what kind of stuff goes on at a queer club called House of Shame. There were a lot of drugs going about by the looks of things but I didn’t partake, there was a band and a drag show and the place – which was huge – was really busy and there were a lot of attractive people going about. I like androgyny at the best of times, so when my thought pattern looking at someone goes something like “Oh he’s cute… oh no wait she’s probably not into guys… and that’s their partner anyway I think”, it’s a good sign. 

The next day saw us turning up at the feminist sex shop Sexclusivitäten. It’s a really awesome little shop located in the owner’s house, they have a little bit of everything going on. I wanted to buy myself some wrist restraints and found some I really liked, priced a very reasonable 15€. The salesperson saw me looking and said that they had a collar that matched them, which I’d already seen but which was a prohibitively expensive 65€ – making the set 80€. So I told her I couldn’t afford it and she said she’d see what she could do. I don’t know whether I was just quite charming or they were in a very good mood but in the end I got the wrist restraints and collar together for 50€, quite a bargain! This was followed by a very weird sort of gathering. It was a bit like a book group but instead of discussing a book, the group of maybe twenty or so people watched a lesbian porn film (as in by women for women, not two women having sex in a video marketed to men) together and then had a discussion about how it differed from mainstream porn and what could have been done differently or what could have been improved upon. It was hosted and run by Laura Méritt (unfortunately the article about her is only available in German) who is a really cool person. 

Following on from this Magenta and I, accompanied by a group of four other first timers, headed over to a sex party. It was fairly well attended, 39 people according to the list I saw when we were leaving, which for a place the size it was is enough. The space it was in was really cool; on the floor you go in on was a small bar and lots of deep, comfy sofas, cushions and space to relax. Upstairs from that were two rooms, one much the same and one with mattresses and space for sex; and the basement floor, which was all for sex. Nooks and crannies full of mattresses and cushions with veil-y curtains between them to offer a façade of privacy, the odd box of condoms, lube and rubber gloves dotted around the place. There was a sort of ice breaker game that we were given a slip of paper about on the way in; the theme of the party was supposed to be light (hence, glow sticks on the way in) and you were given the name of an object that related to light. I was originally a glowstick (Knicklicht), worth 2 points; and you had to talk to other people to try to find das Lichtwesen (Hard to translate into English, it’s like an angel or celestial being or entity made of light). If the person you were talking to wasn’t the Lichtwesen, and their points were worth one more or one less than yours, you swapped slips of paper (and therefore also characters) and if their value was the same as yours, you could kiss. It was good for getting people to talk, and because the party was invite only you have to know the right people to go, so there were no creeps or weirdos that I encountered and everyone was really cool (and there were a lot of seriously, crazily hot people there, including some of the staff… one of whom Magenta had a cheeky little kiss with early on in the night). 

Despite it being a sex party, I didn’t actually have sex with anyone (I know, shock horror. I’m as surprised as you are, believe me). Not because I didn’t want to, I think I just didn’t move quickly enough. I did however kiss a few people and also realised that my German is good enough to have all the kinds of conversations you would need to have in a scenario like that, which is quite encouraging. It was a really fun night even without sex, and it’s another reason to go back soon – and now that I know quite how quick off the mark you need to be to get that cute French girl, I’ll be better prepared! 

That’s all I’ll write about in this post, but part two will – fingers crossed – be out on Wednesday and there’ll be another instalment about this weekend, on Friday. Happy reading! 

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Submissive Sunday: My First Sex Party, or Meeting Bondage Girl

Three guesses where this person lives!!

Last summer I was outside camping with some friends. We were almost in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by big trees right next to our tent and next to an open field. Somehow I ended up in my friend’s tent (which is a whole other story to write about) and we had barely fallen asleep when the wind started kicking in. Normally I’m not afraid of thunderstorms but this one was right over us. The lightning came right along with some earth shattering thunder.

It was like Noah’s perfect day to take his new ark out for a ride – Armageddon LIVE! – and I think for the first time in my life I was really aware that nature is so much more powerful than we humans and that if we don’t take good care of ourselves we could end up dead…

“But I don’t want to die!!”, I thought to myself followed by the first next thought that came to my mind….”I need to have more sex!!!”. I don’t know if you ever had the feeling that this might be IT. But I figured that the “I need to have more sex” thing was definitely something that needed to be realized ASAP!

So obviously we all didn’t die, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to write this story but I didn’t forget about my “God’s given ‘vision’ ”

Since I am so not into the whole “let’s go out dancing, get drunk and find someone to have sex with”-thing and I am also not really into having sex as a straight woman – I was hunting around for places where my queer self would be much appreciated AND I could have sex (also, there is a slightly higher chance of running into men in woman’s underwear at queer sex parties than in an ordinary club ;-))

Luckily I live in one the the world’s most artsy and colourful cities, so there are countless possibilities to find a good sex party: straight, lesbian, gay, queer, BDSM, trans*, role play, with and without playing dirty (maybe the term “golden shower” rings a bell) leather fetish….we even have several locations which offer special “playgrounds”, meaning you find cages, crosses, stretching banks as well as whips, riding crops and bondage gear. As I always say: we live in paradise. It’s right there in front of your eyes, you just have to look around and view it. (As Willy Wonka likes to sing….I have a chocolate fetish by the way, but then who doesn’t ;-))

Off I went to my first sex party which luckily somehow was almost right next to my place, so even as I wanted to chicken out there were no excuses like “but it’s too far, I’m too tired, it’s raining”. I decided to go for a “no underwear, nylons, mini-skirt and minor-see-through shirt along some with heels” – outfit.

It was a party for women, lesbians and trans* which also offered a short bondage workshop in the beginning – something that I  always have been curious about.

The place itself looked like a “playground for adults”. As I walked down the stairs I found myself in the arousing world of leather swings, cages and gynaecologist chairs – so hot! Very happy about this newly found universe in the city, I was literally gliding upstairs, flying by the bar straight into another room in the backside of the club.

Comfy, wide imitation leather couches were waiting for their horny guests.

The woman who was offering the bondage workshop gave the female crowd an overview about the basic rules for tying someone up nicely and even more important: safely! (Note: always have a pair of scissors handy.) I was so excited about learning about different ropes and knots to fiercely dominate and tie up the next person who would be remotely submissive, but after several demonstrations of different knots (and a very long working day) my brain was one big knot itself and couldn’t remember anything that it just had been taught. So there went my fantasy…

So I bravely volunteered to play the submissive part as we got to practise on each other. In walks – as I like to call her – Bondage Girl. Tall, athletic body, short blond hair (and a very stylish haircut! I am a sucker for stylish haircuts!), green eyes…”So…you want to be tied up?!”…rope in her hands…

I huddled up in my short skirt and nylons thinking: “I’m not wearing a thong…now everyone is gonna see my…ah…right! Sex Party…! Exhibtionist mode on…!” (not that it’s ever off)-

Bondage Girl straightens out the rope… it gently glides around my ankles winding its way up my each leg like a snail… smoothly moving the soft nylon on my skin…

“Shall I go on and tie you up even more? I am in the mood to experiment…” Experiment away!

The rope continues its journey around my hands which are now safely secured in a praying position in front of my chest. Each time she makes a knot she pulls the rope gently but firmly, leaving no doubt that she’s in control. She takes my shackled hands, puts them behind my head and starts sliding the rope around my chest…there is no way to move my hand from the back of my head. She loops the rope around each breast continuing making smaller knots on my sternum…then she pulls the whole art work on my sternum towards her…It’s like 10 pairs of hands touching you everywhere of your body, luring you with the sweet gentle touch of a lover and leaving you with the feeling of being someone’s prey…

I never thought I would enjoy receiving bondage, leaving me wanting more. In my personal life and in my life as woman who runs her own business I am quite the doer. So of course it first felt like the obvious and natural thing to be the one to “do” (give) bondage to a play partner. WRONG! It was somehow not only arousing but also very relaxing to for one moment NOT be the one to “pull the strings”.

Guess you never know until you try 😉

After this night I ran into the woman who was offering the bondage workshop during a female porn award party (GOD! I love my colourful artsy hometown!) and I kind of started seeing her. Since she obviously is into giving bondage it naturally led to being “tied up” during another sex party where I also had a fierce “foreplay” with a gorgeous trans* in woman’s underwear, suspenders, nylons and high heels…but that’s another story…

In case you are getting curious yourself about going to a sex party – here are some tips.

Things you want to check before going to a sex party and while you are there:

– Check with people who already have been there if it is a safe place for you to be there – what were their experiences like? (I did ask the owner and well known sex-positive activist in my favourite sex shop for women and trans* as well as  people from the queer community)

– Know what you like or would like to experience and were your borders are. Being tiet up might be a lot of pleasure for one person but sheer horror for another.

– ALWAYS PLAY SAFE!!!!! If you are going to a sex party there should be free access to condoms, dental dams and gloves as well as lubricant. If you have small hands like I do it might be a good idea to bring your own gloves in a smaller size since I mostly find gloves starting at a medium size at these parties. Of course this works, too, but if you are finger fucking someone – especially guys – the gloves tend to wrinkle up which can be a bit unpleasant for the other person. Also for fisting it’s important that the gloves fit perfectly well.

– For sanitary purposes there should be disinfection spray and wipes. All surfaces at the party should be able to be cleaned and disinfected. The playground should look and be left clean.

– The rules of the sex party should be printed out and visible to everyone. Read them! Normally the door men or woman or someone who has already been there will explain these rules to you and give you a tour through the location.

– Always check if it is ok to watch a sex scene. Of course you don’t just walk up to someone and ask during their play but normally people give hand signs or let you know if they don’t want you to watch. It’s always good to ask when you arrive at a party what the rules about watching a scene are.

–  If you are hearing the words “Help me, please help me!!!” it’s not necessarily a reason to rush over and “free” the other person. Especially at BDSM parties this can be part of the play. However each party has code words to ensure the safety. I mostly find the code words: green, yellow and red. Red usually is the term for “stop”. Make sure to know what the code words are BEFORE becoming intimate with someone. Talk to the other person about your code word for “stop” and know theirs.

– Get to know the person(s) you will have sex with BEFORE the actions starts. A good and healthy minded play partner will ask for your borders (“is there anything that you don’t want me to do?”) and might even check with you during the action when unsure. Since I am not of the quiet kind I had a very cute play partner ask “Is it ok what I am doing?” couple of times during our night of fun before s/he knew for sure I was (very!!!) fine 😉 For example: I like to be tied up and spanked but you don’t want the person to grab my feet – Might seem illogical, but it gives you an idea.

– If the person wants you to do something you haven’t tried before and you are curious but inexperienced: Let them know! They might be fine with it and teach you something new and exciting! However if you are not up for this particular new practise, just say “no”.

– The most important thing someone taught me at a sex party was: “You have to learn to say NO.” If someone wants to have sex with you but you don’t, it doesn’t mean that you have to say YES because you are at a sex party. NO it is! Also, if they are into something that crosses your healthy borders and you don’t feel comfortable with: NO!

Having sex is very intimate and you open yourself up to someone because you trust them. Always make sure you are and feel safe otherwise you will be left with some scars (not only physically but mentally) and you might end up paying a lot of money for a good therapist.

– Stay clean! Sex parties are definitely not the place to get drunk or take drugs of any kind. You want to be your sober self who is aware of what you are doing and what you are receiving. Though there are quite some drugs out there that can intensify the pleasures of sex I certainly would not take them with someone I don’t know.

– Be yourself! Be open about what you like. Dress like you feel like. One of the questions I get the most is: What to people wear during a sex party. Well, that depends on the party. If it’s a BDSM party I see a lot of leather gear. At a party for woman/lesbian I found a lot of tank tops and jeans, at a queer party I found people dressing from casual to half-naked-pink-butterfly-elf with glitter. Some are standing by the bar in their underwear, others have see-through tops, I like to go for short dresses and skirts without underwear and nylons…so it really depends on what you like! Don’t dress as someone you are not, try to find a way to express yourself through your outfit.

COME as you are 😉

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Submissive Sunday: Don’t dream it – be it: Part 2 – Getting the experience

I know it’s been all quiet this week and I didn’t even write on Flashback Friday – sorry for that! It was a reassy busy and stressful week that involved not only two exams but also a round trip of about 1100 km to go to an interview. Normal service resumes as of now! I’ll pass you over to Magenta’s follow-up post. – Dexxx

So, some of you may have read my first blog about how the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the age of 15 inspired me to:

1) Finally really knowing that I get quite turned on by guys woman’s underwear, suspenders and a fair amount of make up 
2) Going after your dreams, which in my case is having sex with guys in woman’s lingerée (there should be a “VICTOR’S Secrets” line!) and living my sexual fantasies….oh dear lovers!!…that calls for a whole other blog….strap-ons…nylons…teacher and school girl roleplay….gay sex….lesbian sex….cougar fantasies…I mean SOMEONE’S GOT to teach them, right?! 😉
…Where was I? Right…getting the action on aka “Don’t dream it – be it.” 
So it’s “just” about 18 years later, people have access to the internet on a regular basis and I am in my early 30s. 
It’s also 8 years of living in 4 different relationships as a straight woman, 2 girlfriends and living as a bi-sexual and lesbian, couple of shags and (drumroll!!!) 5 years and another 2-3 years of NO SEX AT ALL later. (How did THAT happen???!!!… It’s ME! I started consciously being sexually active when I was 11, ELVEN!!!! ..Right..I was all caught up in my spiritual work and ‘finding myself’ without any…let’s call them ‘mood-enhancers’ 😉 
For the past couple of years (when I had PLENTY of time – because I didn’t have sex) I was reading and hearing about all kinds of different ways of how people are actually expressing their sexuality. Men fucking men, women strapping it on, fierce finger fucking, men dressing as women, women dressing as guys, people living in polyamorous aka multiple relationships….Let alone the whole “gender-discussion” (YES! There are more than 2 genders! In fact there is one Native American tribe who has more than 45 genders!
You have the male and the female on opposite sides, being intersexed is in the middle and in between you find all different ways of expressing/being yourself.)
Also I was (and still am) watching a fair amount of mainly queer porn which was not only exciting but also quite inspiring. (If you have a vag and no nice big cock – just strap it on! And YES you actually can fuck someone with just your fingers REALLY hard!)
I also experienced 2 earth shattering life events which were both accompanied by one thought “I don’t want to die – I need to have more sex!”
So with the “Rock Horror Show” Inspiration and a (bare-)back-pocket full of newly acclaimed sexual wisdom I was on my way to the best place you can think of for getting shagged and having your most extraordinary sexual fantasies fulfilled: A queer sex party.
What to wear…? I went for a nude mini-dress…minor see-through in the boob area. This time just the dress, no nylons but classy as always: no underwear.
When I arrived on my bike I was nervous…fidgeting with my bicycle lock, checking my cell over and over again. “Do I really want to go in? What if it’s weird? If people are strange? If it’s a club where they smoke I have to leave immidiatly…!!!”
A mix of healthy worries and cranky excuses popped into my head. 
Suddenly 2 other people arrived, locking their bikes next to mine. Quick check: Young, stylish haircut, fake feather eye-lashes…guy and a girl. Party guests obviously.
“Hi” – HELP! They are talking to me…I was to frozen to answer anything. 
“What the fuck…” I thought to myself…”I will just have a peak and if it’s to tacky whacky I will be out of there in 5 minutes!”
I bravely followed the couple inside the location. As we were taking off our jackets my eyes got caught on a pair of nylons….on men’s legs! Gorgeous legs!!!
My eyes continue their journey up to suspenders and sparkly eyes that are to die for…accentuated by (drumroll!!!) eyeliner and mascara! 
THANK GOD I did go in!!!!! 
I rarely saw such a beautiful male body that was surrounded by the most gentle female energy – I actually felt more male than my opposite. 
The girl was quite cute, too! Short, stylish hair cut, tattoos (YES!!!), piercings, kind of the clean punk rock style I fancy….WAY TO GO!!! 
So we all sat down on the comfy huge couch in front of the bar and started chatting. GOD…the nylons….the face…the eyeliner…AND the girl…ooooft!!!
“Do you see anyone you like?” asks the punk chick. (I’ll call her P.) “Well, actually…the both of you are quite hot…”
“What do you think?” asks the girl her erotically endued escort. (Let’s call him E.) S/he looks up like a shy elf, smiling at me, looks down fidgeting with her beer bootle, looks at my face again…smiling. “Yes..”
…the three of us start fondling each other…P: “Let’s go down stairs…” …passing by the “play safe bar”, taking condoms, lubricant and an impressive amount of black latex gloves for the finger fucking action.
As we are making our way down the very “classy” black spiral staircase we hear the sound of hands spanking someone, people moaning and groaning…some couples are well hidden behind velvet curtains another lesbian couple is getting it on right there in front of us. (Awesome!…I love this place!)
“Where shall we go?” asks E. “How about right here in front of the stairs?” I suggest. EVERYONE who is going to walk down the stairs is going to see us! Love it! Exhibitionist mode ON! (I looove being the center of attention…and arousal.)
The three of us instantly start making out…hands are everywhere. The punk chick and I start kissing, I pull in E. closer, gently stroking his nylons. Our threesome is like one long erotic sex-flow. No talking needed. Oh, how I love touching boobs and looking someone deep into their eyes while I finger fucking them to pleasure paradise…even better, getting finger fucked myself from behind with a glimpse of mesh stockings. I fuck in paradise!
I don’t know how long the 3 of us were getting it on but it must have been 2 hours or so at least. I can say without a doubt that we were completely FUCKED afterwards 😉
After some post-sex cuddling we were getting ourselves together for going upstairs again: E. is getting dressed. “May I put your nylons back on you?” I ask. “Yes.” s/he smiles.
I slowly let the mesh stocking glide up his leg, one after the other, attaching the nylons to the suspenders…loosing myself in every moment the soft fabric is touching his skin. 
Back upstairs onto the comfy couch. 3 smiling faces…3 happy bodies, 3 pair of hands fondling each other. 
A bit later P. is getting ready to leave. 
E. and I decide to stay just a little bit longer. What quickly turned into a lot longer….
“You are sooo sexy.” I say. “You, too. I love your hair and the tattoos.” says E. We start kissing again…my hand finds it’s way to his stockings.
“Shall we go downstairs again?” s/he asks. 
Off we went AGAIN, passing by the “play safe bar” AGAIN, taking an impressive amount of black latex gloves AGAIN…
This time with just the two of us it seems even more intense: E. looks deeply into my eyes while gently letting his fingers glide into me….s/he gets really turned on..starts breathing heavily as my fingers make their way up his ass. …”Let’s masturbate together” E. gently groans into the action. Love it….!
It must have been ANOTHER 2 hours we were completely lost in the sensual sexual tossing tension right there in front of the staircase where everyone could watch.
Someone actually did: As E. and I were spooning another guy in woman’s underwear is approaching us: “Thanks for allowing me to watch…” (I was so optimally occupied I didn’t notice) “May I join you?” Sure! More guys in lingery! 
So there I was. Fucked. SO FUCKED…in between 2 male bodies beautifully wrapped in saucy underwear.
I left happy with a hickey and E’s phone number which led to another date and more fucking the next day – But that’s another blog to write 😉

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