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Nothing ventured

I texted him today! I was in two minds about it but then saw the quotation “I’d rather have a life of “oh well” than a life of “what if”” on the wall of a local coffee shop and decided to go for it.

I kept it quite casual and just asked if he’d like to go for a coffee or something, he replied (actually when I was walking past his street) to say that he’s apparently dating someone just now “and I’m not one to double-date, soz”. Which is fair enough really, as long as he’s happy with that. And in all honesty I don’t think I could date someone who uses the word soz.

I was telling Purple earlier though, something tells me this isn’t quite over with yet. Fate, or whatever you want to call it, saw fit to throw us together not once but twice and the second time round pretty much forced me to stay in contact with him for a while. This is the last you’ll be hearing about Green Jumper Man for now but don’t be surprised if he pops up again in the future. I know I won’t be.


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I got my bag back today!! After getting Green Jumper Man’s number last week from his friend, I arranged to go over one night this week to pick it up. Blondie (Hi Blondie!! And your flatmate who I know is reading this over your shoulder) came with me for moral support but it was surprisingly unawkward.

Basically we went in, had a wee chat (his flatmate didn’t seem very amused to see me, I suppose I was noisier than I thought last time I was there in the middle of the night) and we both basically tried to excuse ourselves for the last time round. He actually seems like quite a nice guy and I’m thinking of texting him tomorrow to ask if he wants to go for a coffee or something, see if this could actually go somewhere. What do you guys think?

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Might as well…

Might as well start with a misadventure!

Actually no I should start with a disclaimer. THIS BLOG IS ABOUT SEX. If you don’t like reading about sex go away, and if you’re too young or it’s illegal to read about sex where you live, you shouldn’t be here.

I’m also really hungover. ANYWAY. Last night I was at a colleague’s flatwarming party – don’t ask me why they only got around to having it in December when they’ve lived there since August – and, since it’s Christmas and wine does terrible things to me, worse than spirits anyway, proceeded to get smashed.

And then things are a bit of a blur, but I found myself on the couch beside Green Jumper Man, hand up his jumper, playing with his nipples. Seemed like a good idea at the time. We pulled and since he lived very nearby we went back to his – skited on my arse for the first time in about five years and now have a ma-hoosive bruise on my backside for it. So we’re on the bed, naked, as one generally is in these situations and I went down on him to get the action started… and after a good five minutes it was still lying there limp. Limply. Whatever. It wasn’t up anyway. Then he gets up to go to the bathroom so I, in my infinite drunken wisdom, got dressed and just left – even found his keys to unlock the door, which actually I think I left open.

I got back to the party I’d just left and the night continued as normal, I think – like I say I was wrecked – but then when I was leaving with another acquaintance who lives not far from me I realised my bag was nowhere to be found. Three guesses where I’d left it?

So if you’re reading this, Green Jumper Man, a couple of notes for you. 1) While I’m not in the habit of walking out on people I’m also not in the habit of not making people hard, so I still kind of feel justified. 2) Hope you didn’t get robbed when I left the door open and 3) if you still have my bag PLEASE get in touch! My glasses are in it!!

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