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Why I shouldn’t have an iPhone

It was a long-running joke among my flatmates and friends that it was just as well I didn’t have an iPhone or android, because given access to those apps specifically designed for hooking up I would likely end up doing nothing but hooking up with people. As I told you in my last post I now have an iPhone and the dreaded app, and stories are happening quicker than I can write them. 

Last week was a week of exams; some went well, some not so well but I got through not badly and I’m now enjoying my time off before classes start again in February. After my first exam, which was on Monday and went terribly, I was in a really foul mood. I took myself to a university café for a coffee before heading home and, since I hadn’t had the app open on campus before, I turned it on to see who was about. A few cute boys, a few nice chests, the occasional creep – to be expected, really – all within about 500 metres (it’s a very small campus). Half a latte later my phone bleeped to tell me someone had messaged me on this app and it turned out to be from a profile with a nice chest and not a lot else. We messaged back and forth a little, got some body and face pictures of this man, and since I was in need of cheering up, agreed to meet him on campus. But where?

“I work for the university housing department – and I have a key to one of the empty studio flats on campus. Meet you there?” Go on, then. 

The studio apartment was hard to find initially, counter-intuitively located round the back of one of the larger buildings. I met him there, where there was a conveniently located bed, and we had some fun oral sex for a while before he had to go back to work. Having access to a room like that on campus may prove to be very handy, I might try to get him to let me use it with others  though that’s probably unlikely to happen given that if it ever transpired to a higher authority that he was using the flat for sexual encounters with students there’s a good chance he’d lose his job. Hmm. 

That same day I got a message from a cute undergrad boy from the same place as Stwc (remember him?) and he came round to mine for some fun a few days later, but that’s another story for the start of next week. 

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