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Trimming Down

Well, things are all off with Music Man. It’s a shame, I thought he would last a bit longer but apparently he’s “not ready to move on” after a break up two years (TWO YEARS?) ago. That and he “didn’t think we clicked, particularly when you had an attitude about some things”. Well, that’s your call I suppose. But then he didn’t reply to any more texts and didn’t answer the phone either. Pathetic.

Just one thought on this, really; if you’re going to break things off with someone using a shitey excuse, for the love of god at least be consistent. Pick one lie and stick with it, it makes the whole thing marginally more credible.

Anyway, there’s still Lion Boy and possibly also Cheeky Fifth on the go (probably going to see him tonight more by dint of being in the same place at the same time rather than any plans the two of us have made. I’m unsure as to whether he wants that to be a one-time thing or to see each other regularly but I’ll find out and report back), and I’m going to The Big City tomorrow morning for the weekend and you never know who you’ll run into there. Fingers crossed!

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