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Submissive Sunday: Don’t dream it – be it: Part 1 – Getting inspired

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By “Magenta”

When I was about 15 years old I consciously started looking for guys on the street. Whenever I found someone that caught my eye my friends would always say “but he’s OBVIOUSLY gay! It’s written on his forehead!”
I went to a posh private school so I was surrounded by uptight teenagers wearing Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts, who were raised by there old-fashioned parents whereas I was living at a children’s home at the time. It was pretty much “Little Punkrock Girl vs. The establishment” person.
At the same time I also started fancying several singers of different bands who interestingly enough were all into wearing eye liner, putting some nail polish on and even going on stage in suspenders (Think of Ville Valo, singer of HIM in the video “Join me”. Ooooooft!).
But since all my school mates were brought up “nice and clean” there was zero possibilty of someone talking to me saying “oh, so you are…bi-sexual…lesbian….queer.” I think at the time I didn’t even know some of these words existed. Also it was the early 90’s so we didn’t have facebook, gay websites, queer blogs…nothing…even worse: NO INTERNET AT ALL!!!  This also meant: No googling your questions, key words or anything. (And no free porn either! How did I manage too survive?!!)
Then my openly gay music teacher thought that it might be a good idea for our class to perform “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” – The queer “Musical Extravaganza” which is all about stripping down your acquired limitations of how you express your sexuality and actually expressing….being what you dream about. To underline this theme there is the catchy song line “Don’t dream it – Be it” which gets repeated over and over in the end. “Be it” also includes openly coming out as gay, not identifying with your birth-gender aka being genderqueer and giving a crap whether your underwear should exclusively be worn by women.
So off we went to watch the whole thing on the school’s TV (I don’t know if that is actually legal for underage kids but thank GOD we did!).  Each of us got to choose a role afterwards. Since sadly I am in lack of a biological penis (luckily I now own a very pretty strap on version that expresses my male ego as well as matching my body colour)  I could not portray the part of the adorable, smokin’ Frank n Furter – the “Sweet Transvestite from transsexual Transilvania”. So my teacher gave me the role of Magenta – the loud, queer and crazy lunatic with smokey eyes, wearing a very short maids dress, showing off her suspenders (you might have noticed that I have a nylon fetish by now).
One of my best male friends P.  (think: a young Jude Law) ended up in a chair which we put on top of the teacher’s desk.
So far so good. Luckily I somehow had my suspenders with me, so we put my friend P. in them and of course I couldn’t help it putting some mascara and eyeliner on him. Think Jude Law in drag! Ooooooft!
3 Minutes later P. was up on the chair, on the teacher’s desk ready to perform as Frank n Furter, while my gay music teacher was giving instructions.
I will cherish this moment forever…
Suddenly the door to the classroom swings open and in paces the neat principle in his clean buttoned up suit.
About 10 Students were standing around looking a bit befuddled, the TV was showing a still frame of Frank n Furter and 2 of my best male friends were in underpants, one of them up on the teacher’s desk with make up and in women’s underwear…with the gay music teacher right next to their sides for the “final touches” 😉
I think my music teacher was very lucky he didn’t get suspended given the fact that we all were underage.
And sadly somehow we never got to perform the Rocky Horror Show at our posh and expensive little private school…Strange…(just kidding)  But luckily we somehow all got to see “The Rocky Horror Show” live one stange while they were performing in my hometown.
Of course me and my 2 male friends got all dragged-up for the event: I leant them my suspenders and I got to wear my 12cm high plateau boots with my latex pants and my matching latex corset. So I linked arms with 2 hot guys in suspenders and make up – one to the left, one to the right and we felt like super-queer-glitter-rock-star-transvestites from transsexual Transylvania as we were strutting through the main entrance….
Up until this day I believe the hole “Rocky Horror experience” opened my eyes, my heart and other body parts to the queer universe of being your shiny-rainbow-glitter-self.
Weirdly enough this experience was then followed by almost 8 years living as a straight woman before I “came out” to myself.
(Darn you universe! Trapped in a female body when I want to live as a gay guy. But hey… the boobs are great!)
Also people telling me “but you will never find a guy who dresses in woman’s underwear who wants to have sex with a woman!” really didn’t help.
Well guess what: I did! Not only once, but twice during the last couple of months…and I will keep on finding them thanks to the power of the glitter-universe and my magic wand (aka  “strap on” in the world of queer)…so bend over boyfriends, female lovers and genderfucks….for there will be part 2 of this story of how, where and when I actually got to “be it”….
PS: In case you are wondering: Today my friend P. is a well paid medical doctor, wearing a Rolex watch and starchy shirts and he is very straight (A ZERO on the Kinsey scale if that rings a bell. If not try it on Google. It’s 2012 and you have access to the internet you lucky bitches, butches, dykes and divas!)

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