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Packing to move

I write to you in a state of post-coital hormone-induced wooziness so sorry in advance for anything that doesn’t make sense. He just left, y’see. 

I’m moving into my new flat tomorrow and was having a hard time getting all my packing done – it’s mostly done now – but a guy from a hookup site came round to “give me a hand,” and I couldn’t very well not thank him afterwards, could I? 

I actually knew this guy already (I’m not in the habit of letting absolute strangers into my house for whatever reason) – when I was a first year I met him in my first week of uni, he was volunteering at one of the student unions and he flirted with me a lot then. When I came back to the city after my summer away last year and went onto that hookup site, he found me almost immediately and recognised me, four years down the line. We chatted a bit then but I wasn’t really into it, and so conversation died. He messaged me yesterday though, and gave me his number again. It turned out he was going to be in this part of the city at a friend’s house so after they’d finished doing whatever it was they were doing, he came over and helped me with the last bits of packing that I was doing tonight.Then we were lying on the bed, chatting, one thing led to another as it often does, and now he’s gone. Really extended and actually very good foreplay – so many people underestimate the importance of good foreplay, really it’s a shame – and quite a long session. 

Anyway, it’s a ridiculous hour so I need to go sleep now since I’m moving house in less than ten hours and still am not quite ready… Wish me luck! 

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