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Over and under

I’m just back from a lovely extended weekend with the Boyfriend. I had my last set of classes until mid-April and a mock exam (which I excelled in, obviously; fingers crossed I can pull off a performance that well the last week in May) on Thursday so went out and got drunk that night, and turned up at his very hungover the next evening, he helped me recover by means of extensive cuddling and we had a fairly early night followed by some morning sex.

This time it was my turn to be the one in charge, which I quite enjoyed and he seemed to like as well. The first time he properly dominated me I wrote how it was a bit hypnotic to be focused 100% on someone else’s pleasure; having someone else 100% focused on you is equally amazing, if a bit more effort. I fucked his face for a while before lubing up, pushing him on his back and getting on top of him. You would think (I certainly always did) that bottoming also meant automatically being the submissive one in these contexts, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Tumblr provides us with some useful advice here, from a blog called The Healthy Dominant:


Having a hand around the throat really does help keep the submissive under control, and it’s quite a nice sensation to have your hand there in the first place. There’s something quite gratifying about seeing his face turn red as he’s fucking me from below, and thanking me for spitting on him. (Actually he doesn’t like being spat on as much as I enjoy spitting on him, so we compromise and I spit in his mouth instead.) As we got closer to the end his breathing got faster and the thrusts became more frantic. “Come on, fuck me, really fuck me, do it like you hate me” and he did and it was brilliant. I came on his belly before he pulled out and we kissed while he finished off, then had a cuddle and some toast. Not a bad start to the day!

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Two guys, one vegetable

A few weeks ago I got this message on one of my sites:
“Officially straight, but had a couple of discreet bi meets, and after more. Ideally with a younger guy. Available most mornings, but cannot accommodate. Have a thing for crossdress if that interests you at all? Be great to hear back if interested, and we can message and exchange pics first.”

Repeating my mantra of “I’ll try anything once…”, I got back in touch and told him I was available some mornings depending on Uni, that I can accommodate, and that I was happy to dress up for him as long as he provided the clothes. Photos were exchanged and eventually, when conflicting work and study schedules were resolved, he came to mine last Tuesday for some fun.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door; he was actually really good looking in person and his body was more toned (not that he was topless on the doorstep, you understand, the neighbours wouldn’t approve). I let him and and showed him to the bedroom, while I went into the bathroom to change into the clothes he handed me when he arrived. Fully kitted out in tights, a black and pink bra and a vest top (which actually all fit really well), I went into my room to find him naked on my bed, and as we’d described in our email exchanges, I set to work sucking him off straight away.

He came after less than three minutes, like he thought he would, so while he was recharging he reached down into his bag and pulled out – not a sex toy, as I was expecting – a carrot. I shit you not, a carrot. “Work kept me really busy, so I couldn’t get everything I wanted…”

But, in for a penny, in for a pound(ing), I lay back and relaxed as he put a condom on it and lubed me up and in it went.

Carrots… they’re not as smooth as you might think. This one was fairly straight as far as carrots go (I’ve taken to evaluating the shapes of them whenever I’m in the supermarket now and thinking thank Christ it wasn’t that one) but still,their surface is quite rough and even through the condom I could feel that. After a few minutes he pulled it out and I expected him to fuck me, but no, he couldn’t get it up, so I decided to give him a helping hand (read: helping mouth). He still didn’t get hard  for ages, and then when he did it was only to cum (again) and then he got soft again. Very disappointing.

So to cut a long story short, I more or less just finished myself off and kicked him out. I couldn’t help but think, maybe you are just straight after all – so why bother finding a guy who’s going to dress up for you? Still, it was an experience and I don’t know that I would be very resistant to crossdressing again (There’s a seemingly endless subculture of self-described “traps” and/or “fembois” on Tumblr and a lot of them aren’t bad looking at all, at least in my view!). Who knows?

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Sunday Snuggles

This Sunday I had quite a nice day. After an exhausting first week of classes at uni (“Be an interpreter,” they said, “it’ll be fun,” they said…) and an ill-advised yet tame flat party on Friday night, I spent almost the entire day on Saturday in bed. Mostly asleep, also masturbating since we got the internet in the new house only a few days previously and I was really enjoying having unfettered access to porn for the first time in weeks.

Sunday dawned, as Sundays will, and I went into town to meet some friends from my course and go for coffee followed by the cinema to see Woody Allen’s latest offering, From Rome with Love which was actually quite nice.

Anyway, enough of my weekend chat, if that’s what you were here for you’d be following me on Twitter. On Sunday night I finally met Music Man, a boy who got in touch with me almost the minute I changed my location on all my “dating” sites to this city to say, and I quote, “I really fancy you”. He’s very good with music, apparently (theatre director, go figure) but not so great with the words. Oh well, they can learn. Anyway, we’ve been texting and in touch for well over a month by now so it was about time we finally met (he lives about half an hour away from this city and has had a lot of work on recently so it took a while to get round to it). I went to meet him at the train station after the cinema and I have to say I was a bit apprehensive – we’d spoken on the phone a lot, texted etc. but it’s different in person, isn’t it? Hmm.

Anyway, we met at the station and the first thing I felt was absolute relief – not only was he as good looking as his pictures, he was actually even better looking than I imagined. And oh my god, the eyes – I’ve never seen eyes so fucking brown in my life and as you all know by now, brown eyes do things to my insides. We hung about in town a little then got the bus back to mine, very quiet on the way but I don’t think it was particularly awkward really, he’s just a very quiet person. We got to my house, I showed him around a little then went to the bathroom and came back to find  him… in my bed. Well, what can you do.

So I got in next to him – fully clothed, weirdly – and kissing lead to groping lead to clothes coming off. He was quite reserved in which moves he would make first, he claimed he was “trying to be good” – what’s good about denying your sexual urges when you’re in bed with another consenting adult with the same urges as you I’m not sure but anyway, as is my wont I took charge (and his dick in my mouth) to get the ball(s) rolling, as it were. His dick was really, really thick – I know I said that about Man in Suit too and it was true with him, but this one was even thicker. As my friend Tigger likes to say, “short and thick does the trick!” (As opposed to “long and thin, too far in”) though neither were particularly short either. It took a lot of work and him going really slowly but after a bit the pain subsided and it began to feel really good – I didn’t cum hands-free this time but if he’d kept going a while longer I probably would have. We snuggled a bit, it was sickeningly cute probably but who cares when you’re in the afterglow.

At two in the morning I woke up really really hot – two bodies in a single bed, it gets quite hot quite quickly – and rolled over to get some cold air onto my other side. At the same time Music Man rolled over, apparently also awake, kissed me, and off we went again. So really, not much sleep was had but luckily I didn’t have classes this Monday – all of that will change next week when I start auditing the interpreting classes for my third foreign language at 9 a.m., since apparently I’m a masochist – but we did have a good time. I think I’ll be seeing him again this weekend, and fingers crossed for seeing Lion Boy over the course of the week as well. There’s also a cheeky potential 5th person waiting in the wings but I’ll save the details on that for if and when we actually end up in bed together – watch this space 😉

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Flashback Friday: Sociopathic Wednesday

This is probably one of my favourite stories, and it’s been known amongst my friends as Sociopathic Wednesday for quite some time. About this time last year, the LGBT society of the uni I was at held a cheese and wine night/social event for everyone to mingle and get to know each other. This is where I met Pan, who if you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time you’ll know I had quite the crush on for most of last winter. That night he went out but I didn’t, which I think might have been the only time I didn’t go out on a Wednesday night during my last year at uni.

The next week at another event, another friend and I were arranging to go out afterwards and convinced Pan to come with us. “I don’t have any money though” – “It’s fine, it’s free to get in, you can walk home, I’ll buy you a drink…” so he came.

In the club, halfway through the pint I’d fucking paid for, he casually drops into conversation that “this guy I went home with last week is here, I’m really excited to see him again” or words to that effect and off he fucks to go find him. Not twenty minutes later he’s back beside us on the dancefloor, having been flatly turned down by said mystery man. Pan is rejected, Dexxx is rejected, everyone’s a loser. Brilliant night out.

Fast forward a fortnight and the LGBT society – in retrospect this thing was really my downfall last year, but I loved it all the same – had a speed dating night. Pan wasn’t there but halfway through the night I found myself talking to the guy he had had the hots for. (I assume I’d done some fair amount of Facebook stalking in the meantime to be able to work this out). I thought to myself, would it not be poetic justice if I could have sex with him?
This is the point in the story when Hitraya invariably interjects with “I don’t think you know what poetic justice means, Dexxx. It doesn’t just mean being a bitch”.

There was a noticeboard for us to leave anonymous messages to that night, so I left a note for mysterious Irish man: “Number 21: your accent alone could make me cum”. He worked out that it was from me (probably because I signed it) and said to me that he’s see me in the club later. Shit, I thought, I’m meeting Pan in the club… only one thing for it…

“Yeah, or we could just cut out the middle man and go straight back to yours now”
“… I can’t tell if you’re being serious or not”
And Rosaceae, bless her, turns around and says “Trust me, he is”. So we went. I wrote a message to Pan telling him I’d pulled so I would be late, and we went back to Irish Man’s place via the pub for a cheeky pint. The sex was quite rough, he was every inch a top, and with his window being open (ground floor flat too), people going by must have heard more than they ever wanted to. He came first, but kept fucking me until I came too, and then we both got dressed and he went to meet his friends and I jumped in a taxi and met Pan in the club.

“Nice hickeys,” he said when he saw me. “Who was the guy?”
“Oh, some postgrad from Ireland, studies Law…”
“Not R?!”
“Yeah, that was his name!”
“That’s the guy I was seeing!!”
“Really? Wow, I had no idea. Small world.”

That weekend I found myself at a party having a conversation with the two of them at once, and the only way to deal with that situation was to down a bottle of wine quite quickly and the rest of the night is a bit of a blur, but apparently they went home together that night too.

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First impressions

So far, so good in this bizarre little place in which I find myself. As I kind of thought would happen, the boy who was supposed to come on Saturday night cancelled last minute, leaving me to rage for a little before I texted around some other potentials and one, it turned out, was free at the time so he came over and we had sex three times. I’m calling him The Sardine, because he’s Sardinian. His English wasn’t so great but as luck would have it I speak fluent, near-flawless Italian so we got on ok – and he should be coming back over some time this week.

This morning brought a brand-new experience for me in the form of the hands-free orgasm. A married businessman (yep, I’m that person now) who I’ve been in touch with for a few weeks took a much-needed break from the office and came round mine. He wasn’t there for very long and to be honest, when he got his dick out I didn’t think I’d be able to take it but with a bit of perseverance I did get it in and started to enjoy it… a bit too much, I realised, when a few minutes later I felt like I was cumming – and looked down to see that, indeed, I was. Well done Man In Suit, for doing what (so far) no one else has managed to achieve! I actually thought it was a bit of a myth that that could happen but there you go, it’s true.

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My professionalism knows no bounds.

Or rather, I like to ignore professional boundaries.

Yesterday someone I’m on a committee with – granted, it’s an LGBT committee and therefore a fair amount of group incest is to be expected –  posted on Facebook that he was bored. “Anyone want to do anything?” – well, go on then…

So we got some wine and went to his place, and drank said wine in the kitchen whilst summarising all the gossip we could from the past academic year. There’s plenty of it. Anyway, once the wine was done he went to the bathroom and I went and sat on the back of the couch looking out the window at the back garden. C came back from the bathroom and knelt on the couch behind me with his hand on my shoulder. “It’s quite a nice garden,” he said. “Yeah, it is,” I replied, leaning back with my elbow more or less in his crotch. “Big, too”.

He looked down, I looked up, and with the immortal words “Fuck it!”, he pushed me back onto the couch.

I wasn’t wrong either, he had a really thick dick, so much that it hurt after a while and I came really quickly the first time round. I then worked on him for a but until he came; we had a break, I finished the half-glass of wine I’d left on the kitchen table (we didn’t have sex in the kitchen, he won some serious man-points by carrying me to the bedroom and dropping me on the bed), and then somehow ended up back on his bed, again, naked, again. This time he came first – I made sure of it, it would have been rude otherwise – and we spooned a bit before he finished me off.

He seems to have quite a similar attitude towards things like this as me; he’s coming to my leaving party tonight (I’m moving away in FIVE DAYS AND REALLY CAN’T DEAL WITH IT) but as he said, life’s too short to be awkward and since we now know we’re fairly sexually compatible if neither of us has success elsewhere we can just hook up with one another again. Truth be told I’m not massively attracted to him, he’s not my type really, but we had quite good sex –  or at least I thought so, and he told me I gave the best head he’s ever had and who would want to pass up on that again?


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A Wee Bit More About On-line “Dating”

Last night I was bored and horny. As we all know by now, there are websites for stuff like this; so I went onto one, messaged a guy I’ve spoken to a few times but never met, he gave me his address which happened to be very close to where I live, and off I went. 

Now, I’m not in the habit of doing this; usually I insist on seeing the person on skype first to make sure they are who they say they are, and meeting them in a public place before we go anywhere. But sometimes, at eleven at night, you don’t have time for that. But still, I took precautions; I gave a friend the address of where I was going to and told her to worry if she hadn’t heard from me from half past midnight. 

The sex was all right, didn’t last very long – I was only there for about 45 minutes – but him living so close by makes it quite convenient. I bottomed for the first time in a long time – since about October, I think? It was okay actually, I made him go slowly at first ’cause his dick was quite thick, but I got quite into it in the end. 

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