Sticking with the theme of spontaneity, as I said in the last post Vegas and I just had a little trip across to a capital city we visited once before, two weeks after we first met back in 2008. It was a nice, fun if ruinously expensive trip (insane prices which can be anything from about 30% more to four times more expensive than the same thing costs here, and the exchange rate isn’t that great just now either).

On the last evening I had grindr open and a sweet-looking guy called L popped up to say hi. As it turns out, he’s from a linguistic and ethnic minority in the far north of the country which I’d been reading about the day before, and he was impressed and surprised to hear I’d read about them. “I absolutely have to meet you before you go back to your homeland,” says he. Fuck it, I thought, why not. It being the last night, there wasn’t much time, but I suggested we had a coffee (50% more expensive, by the way) the next morning before I left.

“I can’t – I’m working until 14:45”
“Okay, then let’s go for coffee at 14:47 :)”

He told me at which metro station to meet him, and sure enough he popped up right after work which as it turns out is at a nursery school for children of his minority; we got on the metro out to his area of the city because he had to meet his sister. When we got off the train he told me he was actually taking me back to his place (which he shares with his sister and three-month old niece) and he hoped I didn’t mind; his sister was just back from visiting family in the north, apparently, and hadn’t left the house for four days so he – and by extension I – would be babysitting while she went out. I met his sister briefly before she left, the baby fell asleep and L and I were left drinking tea on the sofa and talking.

We were talking for maybe two hours or so about our lives – we’re both pretty involved in similar political campaigns in our respective regions, he’s been in the media a lot in his country which is something I’m yet to be able to claim but then there are more of us than there are of them by quite a margin (38,000 versus well over five million) (none of that is relevant to this story) – so there’s a lot of common ground. And I learned how to say a couple of words in his language, which is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before and having done some Google work since then the grammar looks imfuckingpossible.

The next thing I knew I glanced at the time on my phone and it was already 17:00 which was when I’d told Vegas I would meet her at the bus station to head back to the airport and I got a bit flustered at the thought of missing the flight and being stranded outside the EU in a country where I don’t speak the languages. “I really have to go now I’m so sorry thank you for the tea it was great to meet you and I really need to go can I kiss you?” and he laughed and said yes so we kissed, briefly, and once more again on my way out the door. We’ve sent a few messages back and forth across Facebook, he says he might come and visit which would be cool if he does, and if not, well, it’s an anecdote isn’t it? Life as pre-blog.

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Beyond Done

It’s been a good week-and-a-bit for spontaneity and decisiveness here at Dex HQ. I’ve started looking at new places to live for the next couple of months; been applying for jobs in various countries, some of which I’ve lived in before, some of which I haven’t; I had a last-minute trip to somewhere very cold with Vegas last week, where we went once before shortly after we first met and managed to get banned from a museum (long story); and, more importantly for this blog, I’ve done two things that I shouldn’t have waited this long to do.

The first of these was to get rid of the guy I mentioned in my first post this year who I was kind of dating. The last time he stayed at mine he’d borrowed some jeans, which I got off him in the centre when I was out for coffee and cocktails with KittyMama the day before I went on holiday and I haven’t seen him since. I would love to be able to say I’ve not spoken to him since either, but the day after I came home he popped up on Facebook chat; “Hey, I don’t know if you’re still away or not and I didn’t want to tell you this over Facebook chat but I thought it was best to tell you as soon as possible.” He then goes on to detail how he has gonorrhoea which he is certain he picked up from me. I was equally adamant that he hadn’t, and sure enough on Monday when the tests came back I was negative, which I probably shouldn’t feel as smug about as I do. So, goodbye to him.

And the second was to end contact with That Guy I Was Kind Of Seeing; we had the long-awaited Skype I mentioned a couple of posts ago and my overriding thought through most of it was “Nope. Done. Done now.” I probably – definitely – could have dealt with the whole situation a bit better, though certainly so could he and I know we’ve had it drilled into us since the age of about 3 that two wrongs don’t make a right but at least there’s some sort of balance there.



The Case for Emigration

I mean I know it’s a small world and all that but Jesus. 

Last night I had one night out cancelled in the planning stages so I ended up going out with Rara and a big group of people to a gay club I’d never actually been to before. I don’t really remember much but I made out with two guys, one of whom there’s been flirtation going on with more or less since I got back here but I was never sure whether it was meant seriously or in jest, the other I only met last night. After I came home (alone) I had a Facebook stalk of the latter and saw we had nine friends in common – one of whom is a friend from the last city I lived in (650 km away, across a border) who you’ve probably read about before.

I can’t stay here much longer, it’s getting ridiculous. 


Happy New Queer

Three months goes by surprisingly quickly, doesn’t it? Hi, Blogosphere!

It’s been a bit of an odd three months of kind of drifting through life, no longer in education for the first time, freelancing to get by; when I last wrote I’d moved back in with my family for the foreseeable future. Fortunately, while hindsight may always be 20/20, the future is something we’re blind to and that living situation didn’t last very long (Not because of any familial fallouts or anything – it’s just that living under those conditions and in that damn village is not for me. At all). So I’m now back in the city I did most of my undergraduate in and living with a certain central European you may have read about before and her – our, really – flatmate. We hooked up once after I arrived back in the country but before I moved in, and established a no-sex-while-living-together rule which so far we’ve stuck to, even having slept in the same bed some nights in the winter when it was cold/one or the other of us was upset/whatever. She’s also just started seeing this guy she’s absolutely smitten with – actually all of us in the flat and our close friends really like him, so more power to her. I’ve no idea how long I’ll be living here, but that’s kind of interesting in a way; I’ll probably move country again around Easter, with any luck.

I’m still in touch with That Guy I Was Kind Of Seeing, after a blip in communication around early October when he didn’t speak to me for a couple of weeks. Mentions have been made of a possible visit but he also wants to Skype soon for a “proper open discussion about what the deal is with us and go from there” which sounds ominous (and for being the person that wants to have this conversation he’s surprisingly good at dodging Skype, so it’s taking a while). More news on that when I have it.

And I’m also spending a fair amount of time with this other guy I met on OKCupid in October who’s sort of halfway between a friend and someone I’m casually dating. He’s the first person I’ve ever “dated”-ish from the same country as me, I realised a few weeks in, which is interesting/weird (I don’t need to think before I speak or say “Sorry, accent thing” when there’s a miscommunication, which being a linguistic geek I find really fascinating and I wonder vaguely if it impacts on the type of communication we have but anyway that’s not really the point). We get on pretty well and are from pretty similar backgrounds – we actually were both in the same School at University, he in the year below me, but we somehow never met – but there’s not much of a spark and he’s also painfully obviously in love with his best friend which neither of them seem to have realised or aren’t willing to accept, and as I said earlier I’m planning to emigrate again soonish anyway so with all that in mind I don’t really think this is going to be anything substantial in the long-run. But he gives good head and we’re having fun right now which is the main thing, right?

So what can you expect from sexwithdexxx over the next few months? There won’t be any massive changes in the content though I am hoping to write more of the article-style posts which featured in the blog’s early days so this doesn’t just become a monotonous list of casual encounters and innuendo. Nothing too much is planned beyond the first couple of posts – which, of course, hinge on not being cancelled on in the near future – so your guess is as good as mine as to what you’ll be reading should you choose to stick with me.

And so with that little summary out of the way, all I can really say to you all is Happy New Year and hopefully you’ll be hearing from me again before too long!

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I’ve had this blog for close enough to two years for WordPress to have already emailed me about renewing the URL soon; while I’m definitely going to renew it – because I have no idea what would happen to the blog if I didn’t and I wouldn’t know how to go about getting it back later should I so decide – this year as last, that friendly little reminder to surrender my credit card details to a transatlantic server gives me pause and makes me reflect on what this blog has been thus far and where it’s going from here. 

I’ll be straight with you (quiet at the back), after all this time and all these people and encounters and fucking words, I’m a bit  fed up with it all.In terms of readership the numbers haven’t changed much as time has gone on – actually this year so far my average daily hit has declined slightly, though I’m told by friends more into social media etc than I that it’s a decent figure; I rarely get comments or feedback and the whole thing just feels a bit stagnant. Throw into the mix that my sex life has had some severe restraints placed on it by moving back into the maternal home for the foreseeable, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to write about at the minute. 

So I’ve decided to take a deliberate three month break from writing, looking at or even thinking about this blog, and reassess in the new year. By then I should (fingers crossed) have a clearer idea of where my life is going in the medium term and whether I’ll have the time or inclination to keep on writing. 

Thanks to everyone who reads, shares and has supported me in writing this so far, it has genuinely been very fun. Sparkles, Purple and Red, a big shout out to you for the inception, and to KittyMama and Magenta for their input and feedback. See you all next year! 


This Guy I Was Kind Of Seeing

Almost exactly two months to the day since the day we first kissed, TGIKOS and I said an indefinite goodbye yesterday, as tomorrow he’s moving as was planned and, having been rejected last week from the job in the same city for which I’d applied, I’m not (or rather, I am but 650km in the other direction back in with my parents, depressingly, for the foreseeable).

So we spent the night together on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a conversation about how this unlabelled de facto relationship was and how we’ll continue to interact in the future (there’s no question that we will). It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve spent a lot of time together and gotten to know each other really well very quickly (and the sex has been great – my housemate who lives in the room above me always maintained she never heard any noise coming from my room at all, but the when he was here she could hear everything), and though I’m not thrilled for things to have to come to an end due to factors already in place and outwith our control when we met, as far as endings go it’s been a good one.

The plan, for as much of a plan as there can be in a situation like this, is that we’re still friends and we’ll continue to talk a lot, though probably not as much as we do now because 1) new job and social life for him means less time and 2) that’s not healthy anyway; making the effort to visit each other and we’ll almost certainly have sex when we do. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again, though I’ll miss him a lot as well which is unpleasant, but far preferable to an animus ending full of bitterness and resentment. It’s been a great summer with him.

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This Guy I’m Kind Of Seeing

I’ve been putting off writing this post for ages – like a month by now, for various reasons, chief among them being that while “a lot” was going on, there was nothing really substantial in any one encounter that would have made interesting reading. While most of what I write on here is something that has been and gone before I put finger to keyboard, or I have a fairly clear idea of where whatever’s going on is going by the time I write about it, this time round I didn’t. I may still not, actually, but I’ll let you judge that; but if I didn’t get something out about it now, by the time there was something more concrete to write the post would be well in excess of 2,000 words and I know no-one’s going to sit and read that over their breakfast.

There’s This Guy I’m Kind Of Seeing. We met initially on grindr as friends and a few weeks later kissed for the first time, drunk in a park, and things escalated from there. On paper, he’s everything I hate – privately educated, painfully upper-middle class, a fucking lawyer – but he’s very good at keeping his self-admitted “ridiculous over-privilege” (he’s also a cis white male) in check, and we get on really well. He’s very open-minded, a “weirdo with no boundaries” (his words), identifies as Queer (blog post on that coming up soon). In the early days of talking conversations tended to get a bit one-sided because whenever one of us would express and opinion, viewpoint and even actually certain anecdotes, the other person’s only response was “yeah, same actually.” I never expected to get on so well with someone from such a different background, but it just goes to show you never can tell.

The first night we kissed was fairly chaste as we were in a park in his city and he, annoyingly, lives with his family at the minute (which lead to a hilarious for us/super awkward for her conversation last week with his mum after he went home from mine and accidentally changed his shirt in front of her); the following week we were in a park again but this time in my city so he came home with me, though we were too drunk to really do much other than extensive hands and faces with no climax. I was then at home for two weeks so nothing much happened again other than kisses at train stations on the way to and from the airport until last Saturday when he spent the night at mine again and we had an abortive first attempt at penetrative sex, me on top, which ended in blood (not much of it) so we finished off in other ways and decided to leave it again so he had time to heal.

This weekend, I went back to his city and met him in the afternoon. He showed me around part of the city I’d never seen before and his old school, we went for some prosecco – I get really in the mood for prosecco around this time of year (I’m aware of the irony of complaining about him being middle class before going for prosecco) – and then he got the train back to my town-masquerading-as-a-city with me in the evening to go to bed. Not much foreplay later, with him face down on the bed we had what most people would define as sex for the first time – no blood, no pain on his part apparently which is excellent – and for quite a long time in three or four different positions. My legs were really sore by the end of it. He thought at points that he was maybe going to have a hands-free orgasm, which my ego would have survived on for months, but in the end we finished in other places (he on his own belly, with my fingers in him; me in his mouth) and decided to watch an episode of something before going to sleep. We watched it, and I could feel myself falling asleep during, but then as soon as I closed the computer we somehow accidentally started again and I sucked him for a while before fucking him again, less intensely this time and not for as long before finally going to sleep at about four this morning.

He’s vehemently anti-relationship, which initially wasn’t a problem as he’s due to be moving away from the area around the same time I am; now, though, there’s a chance that we’ll both be moving to the same place (I don’t want to jinx it because gainful employment is what it depends on). When I applied to the job we’d had a conversation vaguely establishing that we were seeing each other as a summer fling type thing and that we’d likely stay in touch afterwards, before my application being accepted threw a spanner in the works as we now no longer had this imposed temporal limit on whatever was going on between us. His proclivity away from relationships made me worry that, should we end up in the same place in six weeks’ time, one of us (me) would end up wanting more out of it than the other (he) and that things would get messy. His reasonable solution to this (he’s what KittyMama and I would quite happily define a Reasonable Person, a rare accolade) would be to impose an artificial “this ends now and now we are friends and friends is all we are”-type condition once we moved, though really I don’t know that that would work so well in practice if our pheromones continued having the same effect on each other (I’m turned on by him to the point of absurdity and have been for quite a while now, which doesn’t happen that often). I’m less worried about that now, though, as I realised the other day that while we get on really well, I like him a lot and that seems reciprocal and I really enjoy spending time with him and look forward to seeing him, I wouldn’t say I miss him when we’re not in the same place and I think that’s something that needs to exist for a romantic relationship to be established. Trying to establish anything about the hypothetical future just now is probably a bit premature anyway, but it’s good to know that there is some sort of vague plan in place should things start to get a bit too relationshippy for one of our likings. I’m sure there’ll be more written about him sooner or later; watch this space.