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The nights are getting shorter and the days are getting hotter, which is great for having a social life but less great for getting things done that you’re supposed to do to be able to pay bills (I really hate writing invoices). The change in season seems to have brought along with it a change of habit, and at the minute I’m quite enjoying dating as opposed to hookups. It’s like the same thing (though the sex isn’t always guaranteed) but with more interaction and you get to drink as well, what’s not to enjoy? I’ve been missing out. 

The last couple of months have been more or less devoid of out-and-out hookups – from memory, three – but there have been a lot of drink dates and/or coffee dates, which are interesting and enjoyable in their own way though can be hard to write about without revealing too much of the other person’s personal information. Other than some first dates which have never come to anything more than a night together afterwards (and one not even that), I had a two-week thing with a guy who lives at the other end of the city, seeing each other every other day. That came to a pretty quick end once his surprisingly well-hidden mephedrone problem came to light, though. Then again, there should probably have been a pretty loud warning sound going off in my head when he asked me to move in with him five days after we met (I said no, which you’d think would be self-explanatory but at least two friends seriously asked me whether I was going to do it when I told them). 

Other than that, it’s all pretty quiet here at the minute. Friends are panic-studying for their exams – most of my friends are graduating this year – which means I can infiltrate their study environments to work instead, and I’m moving into a new flat slightly further northeast of where I’m currently living in the next few weeks. I’ll only have one flatmate, who I don’t know at all, so I’ll have to try and behave at least at first!