Sticking with the theme of spontaneity, as I said in the last post Vegas and I just had a little trip across to a capital city we visited once before, two weeks after we first met back in 2008. It was a nice, fun if ruinously expensive trip (insane prices which can be anything from about 30% more to four times more expensive than the same thing costs here, and the exchange rate isn’t that great just now either).

On the last evening I had grindr open and a sweet-looking guy called L popped up to say hi. As it turns out, he’s from a linguistic and ethnic minority in the far north of the country which I’d been reading about the day before, and he was impressed and surprised to hear I’d read about them. “I absolutely have to meet you before you go back to your homeland,” says he. Fuck it, I thought, why not. It being the last night, there wasn’t much time, but I suggested we had a coffee (50% more expensive, by the way) the next morning before I left.

“I can’t – I’m working until 14:45”
“Okay, then let’s go for coffee at 14:47 :)”

He told me at which metro station to meet him, and sure enough he popped up right after work which as it turns out is at a nursery school for children of his minority; we got on the metro out to his area of the city because he had to meet his sister. When we got off the train he told me he was actually taking me back to his place (which he shares with his sister and three-month old niece) and he hoped I didn’t mind; his sister was just back from visiting family in the north, apparently, and hadn’t left the house for four days so he – and by extension I – would be babysitting while she went out. I met his sister briefly before she left, the baby fell asleep and L and I were left drinking tea on the sofa and talking.

We were talking for maybe two hours or so about our lives – we’re both pretty involved in similar political campaigns in our respective regions, he’s been in the media a lot in his country which is something I’m yet to be able to claim but then there are more of us than there are of them by quite a margin (38,000 versus well over five million) (none of that is relevant to this story) – so there’s a lot of common ground. And I learned how to say a couple of words in his language, which is unlike anything I’ve ever heard before and having done some Google work since then the grammar looks imfuckingpossible.

The next thing I knew I glanced at the time on my phone and it was already 17:00 which was when I’d told Vegas I would meet her at the bus station to head back to the airport and I got a bit flustered at the thought of missing the flight and being stranded outside the EU in a country where I don’t speak the languages. “I really have to go now I’m so sorry thank you for the tea it was great to meet you and I really need to go can I kiss you?” and he laughed and said yes so we kissed, briefly, and once more again on my way out the door. We’ve sent a few messages back and forth across Facebook, he says he might come and visit which would be cool if he does, and if not, well, it’s an anecdote isn’t it? Life as pre-blog.

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