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I’ve had this blog for close enough to two years for WordPress to have already emailed me about renewing the URL soon; while I’m definitely going to renew it – because I have no idea what would happen to the blog if I didn’t and I wouldn’t know how to go about getting it back later should I so decide – this year as last, that friendly little reminder to surrender my credit card details to a transatlantic server gives me pause and makes me reflect on what this blog has been thus far and where it’s going from here. 

I’ll be straight with you (quiet at the back), after all this time and all these people and encounters and fucking words, I’m a bit  fed up with it all.In terms of readership the numbers haven’t changed much as time has gone on – actually this year so far my average daily hit has declined slightly, though I’m told by friends more into social media etc than I that it’s a decent figure; I rarely get comments or feedback and the whole thing just feels a bit stagnant. Throw into the mix that my sex life has had some severe restraints placed on it by moving back into the maternal home for the foreseeable, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to write about at the minute. 

So I’ve decided to take a deliberate three month break from writing, looking at or even thinking about this blog, and reassess in the new year. By then I should (fingers crossed) have a clearer idea of where my life is going in the medium term and whether I’ll have the time or inclination to keep on writing. 

Thanks to everyone who reads, shares and has supported me in writing this so far, it has genuinely been very fun. Sparkles, Purple and Red, a big shout out to you for the inception, and to KittyMama and Magenta for their input and feedback. See you all next year! 


This Guy I Was Kind Of Seeing

Almost exactly two months to the day since the day we first kissed, TGIKOS and I said an indefinite goodbye yesterday, as tomorrow he’s moving as was planned and, having been rejected last week from the job in the same city for which I’d applied, I’m not (or rather, I am but 650km in the other direction back in with my parents, depressingly, for the foreseeable).

So we spent the night together on Wednesday and on Thursday we had a conversation about how this unlabelled de facto relationship was and how we’ll continue to interact in the future (there’s no question that we will). It’s been a lot of fun, we’ve spent a lot of time together and gotten to know each other really well very quickly (and the sex has been great – my housemate who lives in the room above me always maintained she never heard any noise coming from my room at all, but the when he was here she could hear everything), and though I’m not thrilled for things to have to come to an end due to factors already in place and outwith our control when we met, as far as endings go it’s been a good one.

The plan, for as much of a plan as there can be in a situation like this, is that we’re still friends and we’ll continue to talk a lot, though probably not as much as we do now because 1) new job and social life for him means less time and 2) that’s not healthy anyway; making the effort to visit each other and we’ll almost certainly have sex when we do. I’m really looking forward to seeing him again, though I’ll miss him a lot as well which is unpleasant, but far preferable to an animus ending full of bitterness and resentment. It’s been a great summer with him.

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