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Why I shouldn’t have an iPhone

It was a long-running joke among my flatmates and friends that it was just as well I didn’t have an iPhone or android, because given access to those apps specifically designed for hooking up I would likely end up doing nothing but hooking up with people. As I told you in my last post I now have an iPhone and the dreaded app, and stories are happening quicker than I can write them. 

Last week was a week of exams; some went well, some not so well but I got through not badly and I’m now enjoying my time off before classes start again in February. After my first exam, which was on Monday and went terribly, I was in a really foul mood. I took myself to a university café for a coffee before heading home and, since I hadn’t had the app open on campus before, I turned it on to see who was about. A few cute boys, a few nice chests, the occasional creep – to be expected, really – all within about 500 metres (it’s a very small campus). Half a latte later my phone bleeped to tell me someone had messaged me on this app and it turned out to be from a profile with a nice chest and not a lot else. We messaged back and forth a little, got some body and face pictures of this man, and since I was in need of cheering up, agreed to meet him on campus. But where?

“I work for the university housing department – and I have a key to one of the empty studio flats on campus. Meet you there?” Go on, then. 

The studio apartment was hard to find initially, counter-intuitively located round the back of one of the larger buildings. I met him there, where there was a conveniently located bed, and we had some fun oral sex for a while before he had to go back to work. Having access to a room like that on campus may prove to be very handy, I might try to get him to let me use it with others  though that’s probably unlikely to happen given that if it ever transpired to a higher authority that he was using the flat for sexual encounters with students there’s a good chance he’d lose his job. Hmm. 

That same day I got a message from a cute undergrad boy from the same place as Stwc (remember him?) and he came round to mine for some fun a few days later, but that’s another story for the start of next week. 

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Catching up

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I’ve written anything? Sorry about that, readers! Time got the better of me. As well as that, there’s not been an awful lot going on, really… well, not a lot that I’m inclined to blog about, at least, for the time being though I may tell you about it all at some stage. I do have two little stories for you though, so here’s the first!

My best friend from high school was given a new iPhone for Christmas, and I, having resisted technology for as long as I was able to, was dragged into the 21st century by being given his old one. It’s fairly old, by iPhone standards, and there are a lot of apps I can’t get due to the OS being out of date/me not being able to update it because the phone is unlocked and updating them would lock it rendering it unusable. One app I was surprised to be able to get though, is a fairly well-known app for males who like to have sex with other males to find each other, as far as I know it’s a Europe-wide app which I think is based in the UK. I’m not entirely sure how it works but it tells you how far away the other person is in metres. Orwell would die if he could see it.

Anyway, I got myself on this app and uploaded a picture and wrote the obligatory text – unfortunately not my standard text due to character restrictions – and soon enough the messages started appearing. As with any “dating” service like that there are a fair few creeps, but with the big red BLOCK button only a thumb swipe away there’s no need to be hassled by them too much.

I got a message from a guy whose profile name alluded to his being well endowed. Intrigued, I sent him a message asking for more information. What I got back stunned me. He had a nice body and an okay face but (the sensitive among you stop reading now) my God, I’ve never experienced a penis like it. He had pictures of it next to various things for scale – a remote control, his leg, etc, and every time, it was impressive. Easily 2o cm, probably more like 23 actually, and thick!! Even KittyMama  – who often frequents Large Penis Support Group (yes, it is a thing) – was impressed when I sent her a picture. So the next day, I arranged to meet him.

He’s just had wrist surgery, so we limited ourselves to hands and faces, but still it was fun. Try as I might I couldn’t swallow the whole thing, though he said afterwards I did better than most (I’m wary about believing compliments like that when I’m still with the person, because few people are going to tell you honestly in that context what they thought of it if it’s a negative. If I get a call back, that’s when I know I’ve done well). He wasn’t too noisy and didn’t take a ridiculous length of time to cum, but it was long enough to have been worth the trip to his and long enough to get me heated up enough that it didn’t take me very long to finish off afterwards either. He was also a nice easygoing guy and even gave me a ride home afterwards, which is nice when it’s -2C outside and the buses aren’t running to their already erratic schedule. All in all, a refreshingly pleasant experience!

He’s texted to see if I’m around this week, which I am, though how free I am varies given that I have two exams (one today, which was awful, and one on Wednesday, which has to go better) and I leave on Thursday to go to visit Tigger for a few days.

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