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I’ve heard blogging described as being “like a diary, but you write it on-line”, and I suppose for some, that’s exactly what it is. But blogging, to me, means slightly more than that. It means writing your own blog and connecting with other bloggers who write about similar things; finding people with similar interests and viewpoints is all part and parcel of being a blogger. Several weeks ago, I found a comment from Sam on one of my blog posts, and I decided to check out his blog. It makes for some very interesting reading, and if you like living vicariously through others – and since you’re reading this we can only assume you do – then it’ll give you a very interesting insight into the life of a teenager these days and you can check it out here.  Sam flattered me by asking me to do an interview with him which was published last weekend; and here, in return, are my questions to him.

Why did you decide to start blogging?

Initially I started blogging because I wanted somewhere to vent. I never thought anyone would read it, and certainly no one would care about the stupid problems of a teenager. That really didn’t bother me though. That wasn’t what it was about.

Do you blog more for others or for yourself to have something to look back on?

Initially for myself, but then I started getting some likes and comments. People seemed to be reading what I was writing. From this I got into reading other people’s blogs. I found so many people, both similar and dissimilar to me. I found myself getting into other people’s stories. I began to love commenting on other blogs, as much as I loved getting comments on mine. I felt like I was a small piece of something really fantastic. Now I see writing my blog as doing my little part in the bigger picture.

What goals do you have for your blog? Is there a specific direction you want to take it in or are you letting it grow?

Whilst at first I didn’t really have a direction I wanted it to go in, I guess the more I’ve done it, the more important it has become to me. I became addicted to checking my stats. I’m kind of over that now, but I do still get a buzz when someone likes something I say, or has taken the time to read what I’ve written, or made a comment. There is still no grand plan though. I guess I will just let it grow organically.

Do your friends or people that you mention in the blog know that you write it?

No, nobody knows that I write this blog. That’s why I changed the name of my band in the first blog, and use nick names for the girls I date. I thought it looked a bit impersonal at first, but I think its really important to keep their (as well as my own) identities secret. I have considered telling people a few times, but I really think this would compromise things. Anyone I trust enough to tell about the blog features in the blog. I talk about my friends lives as well as my own. If I thought anyone I knew was reading, I wouldn’t be able to be as honest as I am. So for this reason, I will keep it to myself

You’ve mentioned that one of your bigger goals is to write a children’s book, which you’re working on now, as a sort of tribute to your brother. Do you see yourself becoming a full-time or part-time writer after college or later in life?

I really don’t know what I want to do with my life is the honest answer. I know I enjoy writing, but I don’t know if I am good enough. Writing the book of children’s stories doesn’t seem like work. They are mainly stories I have made up on the spot when my brother has asked for one. All I feel I am doing now is transferring them to paper, so hopefully other kids can enjoy them too. I am working with a very talented artist who I think is making the book what it is.

Music has always been my number one passion, and ideally I would like things to happen with my band. I know that’s a long shot though, so I am looking for something else; something more solid. I guess I’ll just keep doing the band thing until I finish college and uni. I’ve got some time to decide yet.

Your blog seems to show a lot of different aspects of your life – college, your family life, your band, your friends etc. Do you think you give a fairly accurate representation of yourself as a person through your writing, or are there aspects of your life you don’t bring up on there?

No, there’s really nothing about myself I don’t write about on my blog. Sometimes I wonder if I have gone too far and written too much. Like when I sleep with a girl. I didn’t plan this blog to be a sex blog. It was meant to be about the music and the band, but I wanted to write about everything else in my life too. I try to only give details about what happen between me and a girl if it is relevant. Like in my blog ‘Straight in to the lion’s lair.’ It was about what happened between me and an older woman. The sex was really full on and I wanted to show that without being too explicit. I hope I found the middle ground. I would never write about those intimate moments. Fir example with Sam (a girl with the same name as me who I have seen on and off for years. I don’t consider this important to the blog.

The other issue I battled with was that of my brother. I didn’t want to exploit his condition. At first I planned never to mention him, but it just felt wrong. My brother is one of the most important people in my life. Not writing about him felt like I was keeping a dirty little secret. That couldn’t be further from the truth. He is an extraordinary kid, and I wanted the world to know that.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time? And in ten?

I guess I just want to be happy, in love, and doing something I really love. What that is, I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll still be writing my blog. If I am, I’ll keep you updated all the way.

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