Flashback Friday: Cake and Sex

I realise I’m no longer writing Flashback Fridays very regularly, nor am I doing them in chronological order. For the OCD among you I apologise, I’m basically just writing about whatever I feel like that day. This week I booked a flight to go back to this place in January for a week, so I’ve been reminiscing about this time.

Because I did a degree in two foreign languages and my university was really good about these things, we got to go abroad twice; a year in one country and half a semester in another in our penultimate year (and the degree therefore takes an eternity to do). In my fourth year, then, I was sent to a popular European capital to do a language course there.

Before I went I did some extensive google work, which took me to the page of a chef called B, whose food looked good and who was also pretty easy on the eyes, so I put myself on his mailing list. As luck would have it, three or four days after I arrived he had a dinner event planned, so I signed myself up and off I went.

At the dinner I met and befriended an American girl who it turned out was actually a very good friend of B’s and even lived in the flat next door. We got talking and she invited me out with her later that week to go to a huge flea market (better than it sounds, I promise), and in the event, B turned up as well. That was also the day I met Magenta. The four of us had dinner together and decided to watch a movie, and did so all spread out on B’s huge bed to watch it projected onto the wall. Magenta and B’s neighbour, about five minutes into the film, decided that they needed to go and get something from the flat next door – whether they actually needed something or it was just a ruse to get us alone together I’m not sure – and off they went leaving B and I alone on the bed. This was shortly before I became the much more outgoing and confident person that I am today, so while there was some intense eye contact going on it was down to B to make the first move. “You have really beautiful eyes. May I kiss you?” (Yep, literally “May I”).

Of course I nodded and so it started, and a few minutes later we were interrupted by the others coming back. I later discovered they’d come back slightly earlier but heard something going on so hid in the bathroom and then decided to come out loudly to let us know they were back and then leave again quickly; this worked and B and I spent the night together. The next day he invited me to another event he was having that weekend, and again, I stayed the night. Before I knew it we were sleeping together more nights than not and we were definitely becoming a couple despite his being a far from good kisser.

Things lasted a surprisingly long time between us, about five months or so, including a romantic weekend away at a castle hotel, trips to the beach, and copious amounts of cake. He was the first guy I bottomed for – he wouldn’t let anthing near his ass – and the first same-sex romantic interest I’ve never had that actually amounted . We eventually split up when I moved away to yet another country for a while (we did attempt to do the long distance thing briefly but it was never going to work, largely because I was having sex with other people and lying to him about it). That’s a story for next week, though.


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  1. #1 by Magenta on November 23, 2012 - 12:16 pm

    Haha…good times 😉 Thanks for a wee trip down memory lane 🙂

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