A reappearance

Remember Stwc from a few weeks back? On Wednesday night he decided that, just because he could, he’d come to visit me for the weekend. And so he did; he got here on Friday afternoon and left this morning.

On Friday we got back to mine and headed straight to bed, and played around a bit, and in a reversal of last time I came but he didn’t. We then pretty much passed out at about half past nine, since he’d been up since stupid o’clock to get here and I’d been up since even earlier because I had an exam at nine in the morning – which I fucking rocked, by the way, without caffeine too –  and when it’s rush hour it takes me well over an hour to get to uni.

Anyway. Yesterday morning we got up and got ready and went to town where he bought me breakfast, and then I showed him around the “city,” as it’s officially known, since he’s never been before. We even found parts of the town that I’ve never seen; then had a walk down by the river at dusk, went for some nice Japanese food for dinner, and came back home for more sexy times – and this time both of us came, he in copious amounts – seriously, I’ve never seen anything like it. This morning we got up and I took him to the train station, where we once again shocked some pensioners, and off he went. He should just about be home by now.

It was a nice weekend, and I did enjoy myself, but I’m not sure I’m in a massive rush to bring him back again. Firstly because, other than having a mutual attraction, we don’t have loads in common really and the conversation dried up and was quite stilted at points. I don’t mind not having a lot in common with the person I’m sleeping with, but when they’re with you constantly for two days it can get tedious.

And secondly because once on Friday night and twice on Saturday, he phoned his boyfriend. I don’t have an issue with the fact that he has a boyfriend or that he’s cheating on him while his boyfriend thinks he’s at a conference, I just don’t want to hear their painful interactions over the phone

So yeah, not a massive rush, like I said. If and when he gets rid of the boyfriend and kicks him out, and if we discover we have more to talk about, then sure, by all means, but I’m not sure I see that happening any time soon.

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  1. #1 by Magenta on November 18, 2012 - 6:37 pm

    Dexxx and “the city” 😉

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