Here So Far: A Summary

A few people who I know IRL have mentioned that they’re not sure who is and isn’t on the scene any more, so I thought I’d give a quick summary of all the people I’ve encountered since I first got here at the end of September and why they are or aren’t still on my radar:

The Sardine was the first person I hooked up with a few days after I got here. He seemed keen to meet again but his texts were getting incessant and he wouldn’t take no for an answer so I eventually just stopped replying. He got the hint. Very much off the scene.

I was supposed to see Man in Suit fairly regularly but conflicting schedules keep getting in the way and we’ve more or less stopped talking now, though I wouldn’t be too surprised if he put in a reappearance at some point. Possibly still on the scene.

Lion Boy and I see quite a lot of each other though. He lives nearby and is also a student so we have a lot of occasions where we can bump into each other and spend an evening together. Perhaps even tonight. So, on the scene.

Things didn’t go so well with Music Man though and he is definitely off the scene; he cut off contact quite abruptly with a shit excuse, leaving me reeling for a bit. However, as we all know the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else and I wasted little time in getting to…

Cheeky Fifth who I run in to quite a lot. However, he did while drunk start shouting abuse at me in the street for being from where I’m from which wasn’t very nice, and each time I see him has seemed less and less interested so I’ve deleted his number too. I still hang out with his flat mate quite a lot though so expect some nice awkward situations to arise there. For the purposes of this blog though, off the scene.

Then there was poor AC, who after the date we went on and the evening we spent in my bed never got in touch again; and with him being nervous it could well have just been him waiting for me to make another move but really why would I do that when it was mediocre and I have boys queuing up? So, off the scene.

After that there was one night when I had a very very quick quickie with a guy from a hookup site but it was barely worth mentioning it so I didn’t blog about it. Off.

And, lastly, you probably still remember Stwc from my most recent blogs. You would think that with him being 200km away and having a boyfriend that would be him off the scene, but far from it. We’re in touch all the time and we’re planning to meet again as soon as we can, either here or in his capital city since that’s about halfway between us.

There we go, I hope that’s clarified things for those who were curious!!

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