Very busy week

Remember that potential fifth person in the city that I mentioned in the last post? Well…

On Wednesday morning I got up, went to uni, did what I had to do there, and when I was on the bus back down into town to go home I got a text from Lion Boy saying he was in town with some friends for a drink and that I was welcome to join them. I don’t know the city centre particularly well yet but I knew where the bar was that they were in, so I went, and I went back to Lion Boy’s and spent the night. Hands and faces again, but fun nonetheless.

Thursday morning, I went straight from his to university, stopping at the pharmacy on the way for a toothbrush and toothpaste (both half price, by the way, it’s like they knew I was coming) and spent the day interpreting, since that’s what I do. I then went back home, was there for less than an hour and a half, and then went back out to meet my uni’s LGBT society at the only gay bar in town. It was a social event between our university and the other one in the city, and who attends that one? Lion Boy. So I found myself in the awkward situation of trying to look like I hadn’t lost interest in him – which I haven’t – while simultaneously (successfully) trying to get to Cheeky Fifth’s bedroom too. As the night wore on and we were talking, I took out my phone and sighed. “Look at the time,” I said, “I’ve missed the last bus home”
Cheeky Fifth cocked his head to one side. “So what’re you going to do?”
“A long walk home, I suppose… or… well, I’ll sort something out”
He winked. “We’ll get you sorted.”

His housemate then dragged us both onto the dancefloor where we made out – Lion Boy standing right next to us, am I a bad person? – and then left together. He lives very centrally (I don’t) so we went back to his. His room is huge, but freezing, and it’s on a main road so it’s quite noisy in the mornings, but what can you do. He’s a very good, very enthusiastic kisser, and very much a bottom. I didn’t fuck him because he didn’t want to (this time), but we had a lot of fun anyway. He kept making all these little noises, not just moaning but almost squeaking at points, which was a bit of a weird turn on. I spent the night and went straight to uni – I preemptively took my new toothbrush out with me this time – and that’s where I am now, between lectures. Anyway, he’s having a housewarming party on Saturday that I’m planning on going to so hopefully there’ll be a repeat performance there… and of course Music Man, who I think is coming back to mine again on Sunday.

Well, they did tell us to have a hobby to keep us sane during this course.

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  1. #1 by deebee on October 18, 2012 - 9:36 am

    Men continue to amaze me with their utter stupidity

  2. #2 by deebee on October 18, 2012 - 9:56 am

    That was supposed to be posted on the newer blog!

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