Third one’s a charmer

On Thursday night I went out with the LGBT society at my new university  (Eternal student, me? Never!), met a lot of new people and had a very, very drunken night. I’m now actually off the drink for a month for Sober October, which I do every now and again. Anyway, I ended up meeting this guy in the club we went to who I had spoken to on a hook-up site I use a lot; we made out but as 1) I was too, too drunk and 2) he had work at seven the following morning, we didn’t go home together, but we did stay in touch.

His profile popped up again on the hook-up site the day before yesterday, and I thought to myself, I’d quite like to see his penis, actually, so I sent a request to see his private album. Yesterday while we were texting he approved the request; but rather than seeing naked pictures of him, I was confronted with a picture of him on a table, taken side on, in full bondage regalia. The caption said that this was for a photoshoot at a company that sounded suspiciously like a porn producer, so I googled the name of the company and the very first picture when I entered the site was one of him.

I’d made out with a pornstar. Score.

So I dropped the photos into conversation; his reply comes back “Oh, they are grim. You maybe wanna come over tonight?” before clarifying it was to “watch a movie” but that I was “welcome to stay over”, and we all know what that means. I think we can all agree that there was only one reasonable response to that question, so I brushed my teeth and put on my shoes and off I went. I met him halfway between his house and mine, he lives on the other side of the river. We even went through the motions of picking a film (Amélie) before we went to his room; we talked for over an hour, about various things, sort of general getting to know you chat. It turns out he’s not massively into bondage, he only did that shoot for the money but he does have a few other kinks that I’ll write about once I’ve tried them out 😉 ); and then since we were watching the film on his laptop he suggested getting into the bed to watch it.
“Okay. I’ll take my jumper off then, it’ll be too hot otherwise”
“There’s another layer under there…”
“Should I take that off too?”
“Well… I’m not suggesting anything”
I leaned over. “Well, I am”. I closed the laptop with one hand while grabbing the back of his neck with the other, and we kissed. The laptop went on the floor, my t-shirt came off as did his (impressive chest, by the way, but not as impressive as his hair which can only be described as a glorious mane) and things got hotter. There was a really long build-up which I loved, lots of stroking and licking and biting and scratching, he was very much a giver too which was really nice since I more or less got to lie back and enjoy myself most of the time. We only did oral this time round (he apparently has no gag reflex, by the way, something I unfortunately can’t claim though I do try). After he came he kept working on me while we heard his house mates coming down the stairs towards the kitchen, which is behind his bedroom. I think I’ve mentioned before that I can be quite noisy when I’m enjoying myself, so he reached up with one hand and covered my mouth, which turned me on even more and I came quite quickly after that.

In the afterglow he was just as attentive as he’d been during the build-up, still stroking and, well, caressing me, for lack of a better word, all over, it was really nice. I tend to go a bit like putty when I’m done so I was writhing about all over the place and despite having already cum four times that day (I had a boring morning and we only just got internet in my new house so I had full recourse to porn for the first time in weeks) and only having slept for two hours the night before (Night terrors and sleep paralysis) I was ready to go again not long afterwards but he had his first day of class today – mine is tomorrow, but we’re at different universities – so we went to sleep. (No night terrors or sleep paralysis this time which is good, though I had warned him about them). This morning we made out a bit but didn’t go further, but fingers crossed we’ll see each other again soon!

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  1. #1 by Vegas on October 1, 2012 - 2:07 pm

    Ah the old ‘let’s watch a movie’ premise. Tried and tested. I did this with a random guy I met on a night out in Germany while I was on a date with another dude. Good times.

  2. #2 by liamfox83 on September 13, 2013 - 10:47 am

    Again, such a sexy story! I kinda like Lion Boy now because 1)I would love to make out with a porn star and 2) he watched you make out with someone else and just stood there… 😦

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