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First impressions

So far, so good in this bizarre little place in which I find myself. As I kind of thought would happen, the boy who was supposed to come on Saturday night cancelled last minute, leaving me to rage for a little before I texted around some other potentials and one, it turned out, was free at the time so he came over and we had sex three times. I’m calling him The Sardine, because he’s Sardinian. His English wasn’t so great but as luck would have it I speak fluent, near-flawless Italian so we got on ok – and he should be coming back over some time this week.

This morning brought a brand-new experience for me in the form of the hands-free orgasm. A married businessman (yep, I’m that person now) who I’ve been in touch with for a few weeks took a much-needed break from the office and came round mine. He wasn’t there for very long and to be honest, when he got his dick out I didn’t think I’d be able to take it but with a bit of perseverance I did get it in and started to enjoy it… a bit too much, I realised, when a few minutes later I felt like I was cumming – and looked down to see that, indeed, I was. Well done Man In Suit, for doing what (so far) no one else has managed to achieve! I actually thought it was a bit of a myth that that could happen but there you go, it’s true.

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I’ve arrived, unpacked and more or less settled in to my new house (not apartment) in the village (not city) I’m now living in! The whole place is a but surreal, half of the people sound like they’ve fucked Queen Elizabeth and swallowed a very large hardback dictionary and the other half sound like complete rednecks, with nothing in between except migrants like me whose accent neither group understands, or at least they pretend so.

Anyway. In my new house (not apartment, as I have to keep reminding myself) there are four of us which you would think would make sneaking sexual partners in and out a bit of a challenge. Luckily, I got the only bedroom on the ground floor, right next to the front door, with my own bathroom and even a side door into the garden should I need to boot someone out at short notice. I’ve got the room set up for maximum convenience; shelves under the bedside table stocked with five (I counted this morning) types of lube, boxes of condoms and the occasional sex toy; towels within arms reach along with baby wipes (so much better than toilet roll for wiping up bodily fluids, if you haven’t tried them then do, it’ll make your life so much easier) and a box under the bed crying out to be filled with all sorts of clothing too indecent to be worn in public and various restraints.

A few weeks ago I pre-emptively changed my location on all my dating/hook-up sites to this place in the hopes that someone worth meeting would turn up and, as it turns out, they did. I’ve been in touch with maybe half a dozen or so potential hook-ups and if all of them follow through I shouldn’t be bored for a while yet. Plus there’s all the new students arriving this week and, hopefully, maybe some people on my course too. (Would that count as too close to home? Shitting where you eat? Maybe but that’s unlikely to stop me). The first of said potential partners is due to arrive in a few hours so fingers crossed he doesn’t back out and is as good in real life as he is in writing!

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I’m going to be taking a little break from the blog while I’m sorting out my shit to move seven hundred kilometers. There’s a surprising amount of shit to short! I’ll be back when the semester begins at the start of October with (hopefully) some new stories for you! 
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