Was This You?

I got a text from my friend Foxy last night: “Do you know a Greek guy called Achilles?”.

Er, no, don’t think so, why?

“I mentioned your blog to him and he says he thinks he slept with you years ago and you wrote about it. Might not be you. He’s gone now anyway.”

Oh right. I’ll consult my list and get back to you. Was he attractive?

“Yes, he was stunning. Used to do modelling. Looks a bit like Leandro Penna. Bisexual”.

Hm. Fairly sure I’ve never slept with a Greek and I would definitely remember sleeping with someone who looks like Leandro Penna. If this was you and you met Foxy at an engagement party last night, do get in touch!

  1. #1 by amy on July 1, 2012 - 7:20 pm

    hilarious. 😛

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