Flashback Friday: Three’s a Crowd

The Easter holiday of my first year at uni I went back to my town for a while and went to a party at a friend of mine’s house. I left school a year early so a lot of our friends were still in town and, so, a lot of them came to the party. After I left school (being one of only about four queer people I knew there), just about everyone came out as LGB or T. That’s an exaggeration, but there was a decent handful of people at least. Two of them, boys whose names were confusingly both R, happened to be at this party, where the alcopops were flowing (even though I was at uni we were all underage) and being the inexperienced drinkers we were at 17, everyone got drunk. The two Rs hadn’t been seen in a while, so I went off to look for them.

I found them in our host’s bedroom, on her bed, the blond on top of the brunette, still fully clothed but making out, and I sort of froze in the doorway. After a second one of them realised I was there, looked up and said “Either come in or go, but either way close the door”. So in I went.

To be honest, it was more a session between the two of them with me being the third wheel, rather than a full-on threesome. That said, only one of them came, but I did as well, so it was quite successful in that respect. Three boys on a single bed takes a lot of creativity to work but somehow we managed – we’re all quite skinny.

One of those boys now lives in the same city as me and we run into each other if we’re out on the scene sometimes, usually at really inconvenient moments. The other one I don’t think I’ve seen since that day, but as far as I know he lives somewhere fairly rural now with his boyfriend. I didn’t expect him to be the one to settle down but there you go.

Not quite as funny a story as the show Threesome but still…

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