Hickey Mystery Resolved

Remember the hickey I mentioned last week that I had no recollection of getting? Between us, Tigger, Brown Eyes and I have managed to piece together enough of the night to more or less explain its presence. (According to various accounts, I kissed Tigger, who in turn kissed Brown Eyes, which was an unpredicted turn of events)

The club we were at has three rooms and an outdoor smoking area on the first floor. We were in the main room of the second floor for most of the night but for some reason we’ve yet to uncover – presumably a shorter queue at the bar – I disappeared into the other room. I remember seeing a guy at the bar and eyeing him up in my oh-so-subtle way (subtle as a ton of bricks…) though I don’t remember what he looked like. I then remember him talking to me at the bar to which my response was “I drink vodka. I’ll be at that table” (WHEN did I get so presumptuous and demanding? If you’d met me 18 months ago you would never believe it), and in due course he did apparently turn up with vodka. This is where my memories disappear again for a while, but Tigger informs me this is where she found me, at that table with him, now empty vodka glass in hand. “Just give me five minutes, then come back”, I stage-whispered. She did as was told and it was in this interval that I acquired the hickey.

Apparently this boy was less than keen to go home with me because somehow he knew that I’d be moving 750 km south soon (the good news I mentioned which we were out celebrating) and he apparently doesn’t do one-nighters. He gave Tigger his number to pass on with me in the event that for whatever reason I don’t move (this reason doesn’t exist – I’m definitely going) but I shouted at her to delete it while we were out smoking with her friend from work (he was smoking, we weren’t. Brown Eyes had already gone home at this point).

So there we go then – mystery solved!!

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