Flashback Friday 1

I’ve been reading old emails to friends about this from when it happened. My grammar was appalling when I was at school, it would seem.
This happened towards the end of my last year at school, in the June, shortly before the summer break started. My best friend had introduced me to an LGBT youth group they went to in the capital (the village I’m from is quite near) and I stated to attend, and somehow very quickly found myself getting really involved in it. For whatever reason my friend and I ended up at a meeting in the city I now live in – I think I was briefly on some sort of committee, come to think of it, I really should remember since it was less than six years ago – and there were two other people there from around this area, C and D. I was still young and finding my feet and hadn’t really thought what “my type” was, but I knew D really wasn’t. C, on the other hand, was worth a look. He was a bit younger than me, very short – like 160 cm or something – with floppy blonde hair. I’m not massively into blondes really, I’ve only slept with five of them, but I do quite like floppy hair (9 of them).

At the meeting we played footsie under the table, which I’m sure didn’t pass unnoticed; afterwards we swapped phone numbers, and at a residential weekend somewhere quite far from both cities – no idea where, it was rural, there was a lake involved – and on the first night everyone that was there was outside on the terrace thing around the back of the house we were staying in. As the evening wore on more and more people headed to bed until eventually it was just us two and an older “young person” outside, who eventually – when C was sitting on me – cottoned on to what we were up to and went to bed as well, at about 4 in the morning. C and I started making out then on the chair, and when it fell over, he took me by the hand and took me around the side of the house where there were no windows, beside a pile of firewood, where oral sex happened. I don’t think it lasted very long (I had only just turned 17 a few weeks before, you remember what it’s like when you’re that age), though I do remember he had a really really small dick, luckily the smallest I’ve had to deal with.

The rest of the weekend we didn’t get any more action on, we kissed when we thought no-one was looking and shared a three-berth bunk bed with four other people the following night and spooned the whole time. I can’t have gotten much sleep if my emails are telling the truth because apparently I only slept 7 hours the whole weekend, but he was out like a light and what I do remember is his body temperature soaring when he was asleep, he was like a fucking radiator.

I only saw him once after that weekend, very briefly, at a Pride event the following month, where we barely spoke. I was so hung up about it at the time – I thought I was a bit of an emo, I wasn’t really though – and reading these emails back it seems like I went on about it for much longer than I remember doing. Funny how something that seemed like such a huge deal at the time, I can barely remember now. As far as I know C now lives in a city about 550 km away and doesn’t seem to be in touch with anyone from back then at all any more.

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