Working It

Back to the topic of sexiness. I’m very aware that I’m not a Ten to look at; being generous, I’m an Eight, but I like to think I deal well with it. What does that mean? It means a lot of things: it means being aware of it, first of all. It means not undercutting myself – I won’t go for anything less than a Seven – and not punching too far above my weight. I won’t make the first move on a Ten, though I’m happy to with a Nine. But when the Ten over there realises that the other Ten they’ve been talking to is an airhead with no chat, and sees me looking, and comes over to say hi – I can talk and smile and laugh in the right places, and it works; I may not be a Ten to look at, but taken as a whole package I sure as hell am a Ten. I’m a great catch, and I’m aware of this. Does this make me narcissistic? Maybe, but I’m fine with that.

In other news I saw Talkative Boy yesterday, briefly. (I was doing product sampling in a shop in his town and he came to say hey). He said he’ll text. He won’t.

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