Back in the Game

A few weeks ago I deleted my profile on a well-known same-sex hookup site but a couple of days ago I created a new one, just out of interest and to see whether I still hated it as much as I did when I left. I think I do but I want to give it a week to see.

I think that sites like this do have their place and can be fun and useful but at the same time, as I said before, oftentimes you’ll end up messaging someone back and forth for ages and when you suggest hooking up they either dismiss it or stop messaging you. I could understand people doing that if you started randomly messaging them about sex on, for example, Facebook, but this is a fucking “dating” site!

So we’ll see how long I keep this profile for. Probably not very long but I do get a bit of an ego boost (Like I need one!) when I get rated 10/10 😉

In other news I’ve decided I’m taking a leaf out of Sparkle’s book, almost literally; she recently released an eBook which came with a soundtrack which I thought was a brilliant idea; so I’ve gone back and added some songs that I think fit the post well to some of the more recent posts, and will hopefully be doing it more in future ones as well. I have terrible taste in music so should probably apologise for that up-front.

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  1. #1 by Lydia McGee on March 21, 2012 - 6:45 pm

    Funny you posted this today! I just found a craigslist ad that I found incredibly hilarious and posted on it. I like to browse the personals on craigslist because they often are quite amusing and sad at the same time. Good Luck and I would not recommend craigslist for personals, just sayin!

  2. #2 by Alan on March 22, 2012 - 1:35 am

    Gumtree used to do a similar line of personals a few years ago. The finest tagline I saw on one was “GREENOCK JOBBY JABBER LOOKING FOR JOBBY”.

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