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Burst Bubble

Well, so much for breaking out of the bubble of that one club.

No, actually, that’s not entirely true; we (about half a dozen of us including Shendy, Pan and Sonic) did go to a different club last night. I can’t work out whether their LGBT night is every Wednesday or just once a month on a Wednesday, but that’s not the point. It was quite different to the crowd at the place we usually go to, it just goes to show how varied the scene actually is. I didn’t run into a single person I’d had sex with, which is actually quite a feat for me on a night out in the other place.

Anyway. Worse than fucking last time with an indecisive boy. Well no this one was decisive really, he was just a dick about it. About maybe half past one or quarter to two (Ha I just wrote “too”, illiteracy much?) this guy wanted to get past me from behind and put his hands on both my hips in that way people think it’s acceptable to do in clubs but if you did it on a bus you’d be done for harassment or something, anyway I looked over my shoulder at him and he was quite cute. Not my type really, I’m not so into blondes, but cute so when he lingered I thought why the fuck not and we kissed for a bit. At about the point when his hands went down my trousers and I came up for air (having smudged UV facepaint all over his face) I took the initiative and said “back to mine?” since I’m quite direct about these things. He said yes, we went to the coat room to get our jackets, I got mine, he looked in his wallet for his ticket and apparently couldn’t find it. “Two minutes,” says he, and disappears into the crowd never to be seen again. Until about half an hour later when I saw him in a similar position with someone outside the toilets.

(Luckily the woman at the cloak room was quite nice about it and took my jacket back in even though she wasn’t meant to, bless her. I think she felt sorry for me).

Insulting? Yes, I think so. If you change your mind when you see me in the bright lights of the corridor or the exit door, just fucking say so. Be polite about it. I’m much less likely to be offended if you say something like “look, actually I don’t think this is a good idea…” rather than just vanishing, no explanation offered. Or is there maybe some weird thrill people get from leading people on? “Let’s see how many guys I can make think I want to have sex with them tonight”?

Oh well. At least Pan’s drunken chat on the way back was entertaining.

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