Unexpected adventure

I really wish I’d met Shendy and started hanging out with her earlier. We’re definitely making up for lost time now though, given the amount we hang out! Last night I went to hers and she made dinner ’cause she’s a bit of a domestic goddess, then we hit the town. It was the birthday of a friend of hers who I’ve met a few times and we bar-hopped trying to find them but by the time we made it to the bar where they’d actually been the whole time it was closing and they wouldn’t let us in. So we jumped in a taxi and went to a party in a part of the city that I’ve never actually been to before.

There were fewer than a dozen people there actually and most of them, particularly the host, were pretty wrecked. Someone climbed through the kitchen window and onto the roof at around one in the morning. But this isn’t the point. This is a blog about sex, why am I talking about people climbing on the roof? Shut up Dexxx.

So, aye. I’d been joking with Shendy about the possibility of getting any action at the party and she said that she thought it unlikely since I’d met most of the people there before and the girls were either in relationships or heavily into someone else and the guys were all straight.


Cue the arrival of Mental Accent Boy. So named because he had a really fucking weird accent. I couldn’t make up my mind if he was Irish or American so I asked him and he was like “oh people think I’m one of them all the time but I’m not” so I was like “er… South African?” but no, he’s from here, from one of the islands, and has a fucking weird accent. That’s not the point either. Where was I? Yeah so as soon as he sat down next to me on the couch I knew, I don’t know how really, that something was going to happen and after a bit of small talk and him wandering away and then coming back again he just pounced. Fair game.

After a while I noticed that some other people in the room were wrestling on the floor and I laughed and said “This place worries me”. “At least you don’t live here,” said he. “I suppose. Do you live here?” to which he replied that he did so obviously the next question was going to be “Where’s your bedroom?” (Lady in Red has been teaching me a little bit about NLP. I’m not sure how ethical I think it is to use NLP to encourage someone to sleep with you but it’s not in the same league as rohypnol). Off we went.

For some reason he insisted on having the lights off the whole time which takes the fun out of it in some ways but at the same time there’s the added bonus of groping around in the dark which is quite fun. He’d had a few drinks and couldn’t get it up consistently, it was quite intermittent, but given how passive he was that wasn’t really an issue. We didn’t actually get round to sex-sex (as in, penetration etc) because he spent quite a long time giving me a fairly good blowjob and the next thing I knew, before I came (but I’d wanked a few times yesterday so to be honest it would have taken for ever anyway to get me off) Shendy was banging on the door saying that everyone was leaving and the taxi was outside. I didn’t fancy being stranded across the river so I jumped up, threw on some clothes and at Mental Accent Boy’s insistence scribbled my phone number on the back of a receipt. Not heard anything from him and to be honest I’m not expecting to. Shendy told me that she didn’t even know he was bi, since apparently it’s quite a recent thing that he’s come out.

Come to think of it, that might be the first time I’ve hooked up with another bi person. Where’s my list?

OK no it’s not but it is the first time I’ve hooked up with a bi guy, to the best of my knowledge. There we go, first time for everything.

  1. #1 by aphRAWdite on February 5, 2012 - 1:59 pm

    The stories just keep getting better šŸ˜‰

  2. #2 by DeeBee on October 6, 2012 - 4:17 pm

    HAH. Knew as soon as I saw the weird accent bit he’d be an islander. Welcome to my world šŸ˜€

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